Facebook won’t work with NoScript extension

Looks like they’re doing something retarded when detecting NoScript: Some links (for example, other people’s profiles) have an extra ?_fb_noscript=1 at the end, and the page includes a <meta http-equiv=refresh content="0; URL=/people/JohnDoe/12345678?_fb_noscript=1" />, which results in an endless loop of reloading the same page :/


WordPress.com blog daily backup

WordPress.com Blog Export, The Next Generation is now on GitHub! Please go there for any future updates (and more export/backup scripts).

Based on the following documents:

Library bookmark redesign

Here’s a little hobby project that I’ve been working on at the CERN Central Library. Instead of the familiar blue bookmark with only a title, the idea is to add anything that can be useful to library guests (and even strangers) that will fit inside the space of the bookmark. Hopefully it can give more people an idea of what we can do for them, what they can do on their own, how to find us and provide a simple way to send feedback.


Work overview (italicized items are unfinished or undecided):

  • Title
    • Replace “CERN” with the official logo? Doesn’t look very good, and we wouldn’t be respecting the 25% margin rule.
  • Logos:
    • CERN
    • Library?
  • Due date, style:
    • Date stamp
      • Pros: Very fast to mark, usually good readability
      • Cons: Need to get one :)
    • Circle month + date
      • Pros: Fast to mark, medium readability
      • Cons: Computer science-y?
    • Text boxes
      • Pros: Easy to distinguish month from day
      • Cons: Legibility depends on the writer, slow, visual noise
    • Open space
      • Pros: Clean design with open space
      • Cons: Legibility depends on the writer, slow, could be too close to other text
  • Location code 52 1-052
  • Main web page
  • Email address
    • Desk
    • ILL?
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Opening hours
  • Staffed hours
  • Other links:
  • CERN map:
    • Buildings
    • Main roads
    • Landmarks
      • Logos where possible, text elsewhere
      • Library
      • Restaurants
      • Reception
      • Entrances
      • P1
      • ATLAS
      • Globe
      • Hostels
    • Walking directions inside buildings
    • North arrow
  • Library map:
    • Both floors
    • Desk
    • Shop
    • Computers
      • Mark OS with logos
    • News shelf
    • Number ranges for shelves
    • Outdoor area
    • A/V equipment
    • Theses drawers
    • Reference section
    • Paper cutter
    • Printers
    • Copy machines
    • Return / delivery box
  • Feedback form
  • CC-BY license

Tag cloud shell script

As an interesting challenge, I wanted to output a tag cloud (aka. word cloud) for a text file using standard shell tools. The result is surprisingly fast (2 minutes to create the tag cloud for War and Peace), and surprisingly short: As you can see, less than 10 lines doing anything more complex than echo. The latest version is much more flexible, but the main work is still just some 20 lines (tr -s … and below), and it’s still fast.

If you do anything more fancy with this, I’d be interested to know about it. I’ve got a couple ideas, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to them:

  • Exclude words from another file
  • Multiple word tags from another file

Example usage:
txt2cloud.sh < foo.txt > foo.xhtml

Update: The code is now on GitHub. Fork away!

Delicious bookmarks search in the shell

fil.tero.us is no more, long live filterous! After much deliberation (and switching to a more productive platform & programming language), I decided to re-implement the Delicious personal bookmarks search page in Python for the *nix shell. The result is more security (I don’t store your bookmarks for you), more uptime, and more opportunity for parsing with shell tools such as less, wc, sort and grep.

  1. Install / upgrade: sudo apt-get install libxslt1-dev && sudo easy_install -U filterous
  2. Download your bookmarks
  3. Usage: filterous --help