How broken is Samsung UK support?

This is how broken:

  • There are two “types” of requests, both of which link to the same page. This wastes customers’ time.
  • Can’t find my hardware by browsing or searching for the model. I tried three different ones – the long name from the order, the short name from the shop, and the name that shows up in the “about” screen on the device itself.
  • After continuing with the wrong model, I had to fill in my contact details even though I had already registered them.
  • When I tried to submit the form I got a “Tried to send data without session.” error. Resubmitting didn’t work.
  • Intermission: at this point I tried to use the built-in support request functionality on the device itself. After filling in the forms using arrow keys (and reminiscing about the NES days), I was simply told that all available support slots were taken. At this point I could no longer progress in the form. Fuck.
  • Re-opening the form in another tab did work. The experience so far did not exactly inspire confidence, but I still hope someone will reply.

11 thoughts on “How broken is Samsung UK support?

  1. Just had the same problem with the same message highlighted in red at the bottom of the page. Tried several times still won’t work. Also tried live chat, filled in details pressed chat it took me to a page that said this page is not private your data is at risk, again repeated several times but still the same so it looks like the site is completely broken !!!!

  2. Samsung don’t want you to contact them, I tried for over an hour to sent a support form through, gave the end. .

  3. I got the same problem I was using chrome as a browser, I used internet explorer instead (as a browser), refilled the forms by copy pasting what I had already previously filled and…
    I could finally get through, now the real question is will the answer of samsung be relevant to my problem :-)


    • Thanks for your reply Arnaud. I was using the Chrome browser without success and used the Microsoft Edge browser and was successful. I’ve even had an email confirmation that they have received my query.

      Thanks again


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