“Defunct hiring process” follow-up

I got offered (and accepted) the job at the company which called me five minutes after getting home from the “post-rejection” meeting. Cambridge Technology Partners gave a much better deal. The moral of the story: If the risk is all on your side, just say no!

Confessions of an ex(?) newbie

Today Months ago it hit me that I should properly ask forgiveness for my crimes committed against the IT community. I have, in no particular order:

  • Asked for help before searching.
  • Filed bugs with too little information.
  • Been dead sure of the source of the bug and completely wrong.
  • Used
    At least I never used FUCKING COLORED CAPS.
  • Participated in newsgroup flame wars.
  • Used frames on my website. *Shiver*
  • Vented frustration in bug reports.
  • Sent emails without reviewing content and formatting.