CAST display bug

CAST SQL Builder for Oracle is normally a very reliable and user friendly application, but the current version (5.0 build 1007) has an annoying bug which is messing up the display (see the attached image). In short, it will mess up the position and size of the toolbars and the Object Manager, Output, and Tools windows. Restarting the application does not help.

I haven’t found any pattern in the bug, except that it always appears at least a few days after overwriting the .ini file from CVS.

The patch below shows which settings are changed by the bug – I am quite sure I haven’t changed anything else since the last “patching”.

< WindowGeometry=0226 0110 0926 0510 --- > WindowGeometry=0100 0100 0800 0500
< STData=0200000040060000B0040000110001E80000010000000000000000000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F00000000000000001BE8 < STData_1=0000010000000000000001000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F0000000000001100000000009B130000000000001AC100000000 < STData_2=0000030900000000000099130000000000009A130000000000009813000000000000020900001E090000A280000000000000 < STData_3=1EE80000010000000000000001000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F0000000000000100000000001CE800000100000000000000 < STData_4=00000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F00000000000007000000000092130000000000002B13000000000000A413000000000000 < STData_5=1DE80000010000000000000000000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F0000000000000100000000002B1300000100000000000000 < STData_6=0000000090010000FEFFFFFFFF7F0000010000001CE8000090010000FEFFFFFF24030000A603000004000000FFFFFFFF0000 < STData_7=0000000092130000010000000000000000000000FEFFFFFFFEFFFFFFFF7F00000100000000000000FEFFFFFFFEFFFFFF9201 < STData_8=0000A603000004000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF0000A413000001000000000000000000000022030000FEFFFFFFFF7F00000100 < STData_9=00001CE8000022030000FEFFFFFFB6040000A603000004000000FFFFFFFF0000000000009B13000001000000000000000000 < STData_10=0000FEFFFFFFFEFFFFFFFF7F00000100000000000000FEFFFFFFFEFFFFFFAB0000001E00000004200000FFFFFFFF00000000 < STData_11=00009A130000010000000000000000000000FEFFFFFF76000000FF7F0000010000001BE80000FEFFFFFF76000000C2000000 < STData_12=9600000004200000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF000099130000010000000000000000000000FEFFFFFF58000000FF7F000001000000 < STData_13=1BE80000FEFFFFFF58000000770000007800000004200000FFFFFFFF8B040000000003090000010000000000000000000000 < STData_14=FEFFFFFF3A000000FF7F0000010000001BE80000FEFFFFFF3A000000600000005A00000004200000FFFFFFFF000000000000 < STData_15=98130000010000000000000000000000FEFFFFFF94000000FF7F0000010000001BE80000FEFFFFFF94000000C2000000B400 < STData_16=000004200000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF0000A2800000000000000000000000000000FFFFFFFF2D000000FF7F0000010000000000 < STData_17=00000000000000000000000000000A00000004200000FFFFFFFF0000000000001E090000000000000000000000000000FFFF < STData_18=FFFF2D000000FF7F000001000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004200000FFFFFFFF0C00000000000209 < STData_19=0000000000000000000000000000FFFFFFFF2D000000FF7F00000100000000000000000000000000000088A6280B00000000 < STData_20=04200000FFFFFFFF0000000000001AC10000010000000000000000000000FEFFFFFF1C000000FF7F0000010000001BE80000 < SCData=2B130000890200008B00000094010000A8030000C8000000C8000000200600009004000092130000C8000000C80000009401 < SCData_1=0000A8030000C8000000C80000002006000090040000A4130000040500008B00000094010000A8030000C8000000C8000000 < SCData_2=2006000090040000 < Check=1170 < STData_21=FEFFFFFF1C0000009D0100003C00000004200000FFFFFFFF8B0400000000 --- > STData=020000000005000000040000110001E80000010000000000000000000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F00000000000000001BE8
> STData_1=0000010000000000000001000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F0000000000000C00000000009B1300001AC10000030900009913
> STData_2=00009A1300009813000000000000020900001E090000A2800000000000001EE80000010000000000000001000000FFFFFFFF
> STData_3=FFFFFFFFFF7F0000000000000100000000001CE80000010000000000000000000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F000000000000
> STData_4=050000000000921300002B130000A4130000000000001DE80000010000000000000000000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F0000
> STData_5=000000000100000000002B130000010000000000000000000000FEFFFFFFF2010000FF7F0000010000001CE80000FEFFFFFF
> STData_6=F201000049010000D1020000040000000000008000000000000092130000010000000000000000000000FEFFFFFFFEFFFFFF
> STData_7=FF7F00000100000000000000FEFFFFFFFEFFFFFF49010000F40100000400000000000080FFFFFFFF0000A413000001000000
> STData_8=0000000000000000FEFFFFFFCF020000FF7F0000010000001CE80000FEFFFFFFCF020000490100008C030000040000000000
> STData_9=00800000000000009B130000010000000000000000000000FEFFFFFFFEFFFFFFFF7F00000100000000000000FEFFFFFFFEFF
> STData_10=FFFFAB0000001E00000004200000000000800000000000009A1300000100000000000000000000001D030000FEFFFFFFFF7F
> STData_11=0000010000001BE800001D030000FEFFFFFFE10300001E0000000420000000000080FFFFFFFF000099130000010000000000
> STData_12=000000000000A6020000FEFFFFFFFF7F0000010000001BE80000A6020000FEFFFFFF1F0300001E0000000420000000000080
> STData_13=E003000000000309000001000000000000000000000046020000FEFFFFFFFF7F0000010000001BE8000046020000FEFFFFFF
> STData_14=A80200001E000000042000000000008000000000000098130000010000000000000000000000DF030000FEFFFFFFFF7F0000
> STData_15=010000001BE80000DF030000FEFFFFFFA30400001E0000000420000000000080FFFFFFFF0000A28000000000000000000000
> STData_16=00000000FFFFFFFF26000000FF7F000001000000000000000000000000000000000000000A00000004200000000000800000
> STData_17=000000001E090000000000000000000000000000FFFFFFFF26000000FF7F0000010000000000000000000000000000000000
> STData_18=00000000000004200000000000800A000000000002090000000000000000000000000000FFFFFFFF26000000FF7F00000100
> STData_19=000000000000000000000000000088A6280B0000000004200000000000800000000000001AC1000001000000000000000000
> STData_20=0000A9000000FEFFFFFFFF7F0000010000001BE80000A9000000FEFFFFFF480200001E0000000420000000000080E0030000
> SCData=2B130000890200008B0000004B010000DF000000C8000000C8000000E0040000E003000092130000C8000000C80000004B01
> SCData_1=0000F6010000C8000000C8000000E0040000E0030000A4130000040500008B0000004B010000BD000000C8000000C8000000
> SCData_2=E0040000E0030000
> Check=1105
> STData_21=0000
< 40491052=0,0,-14,0 --- > 40491052=0,0,-12,0
< 7021=-4,-23,1204,1090 < 4049=523,262,1347,901 < 3001=411,131,1595,1149 < 4017=411,131,1595,1149 < 4004=411,131,1595,1149 --- > 7021=-4,-23,957,914
> 4049=406,218,1045,743
> 3001=494,306,1137,835
> 4017=494,306,1137,835
> 4004=494,306,1137,835
< 7020=-4,-23,1204,1090 < 4020=411,131,1595,1149 --- > 7020=-4,-23,957,914
> 4020=494,306,1137,835
< 2006=505,302,756,673 < 122=0,38,484,397 [/sourcecode]

iPod display bug in software version 1.1

The newest software update for the iPod video has broken part of the playback functionality.

How to trigger the bug

  1. Use the iPod Updater to install software version 1.1
  2. Start playback of music
  3. Double click the center button (quickly) to go to the rating display
  4. Single click the center button

Bug nature

After the last click, you will see the rating display again, instead of the music progress bar. The wheel, however, will work as if you were back to the primary page – It will change the volume.

The result is that the rating display will “overlay” the other displays, even if the controls work as they would if the correct pages had been displayed.

To get out of the rating display, just single click the center button until you see the music progress bar again.

Other information

Platform: PC with Windows XP
Updater version: 2006-01-10
iPod model: 30 GB video (MA146LL/A)

iPod background noise when charging

My 30GB iPod video (model MA146LL/A) has been a great ally for the last two weeks. Attached to a Philips SBC HP1000 headset, it cancels out the small office sounds which can disrupt the work flow.

However, there seems to be some irregularities in the sound, originating from the iPod itself. I’ll try to describe the bug as accurately as possible.

Disclaimer: I have only tested this on a PC.

How to trigger the bug

The wrap: Leave the iPod in charging mode when playing music.

  1. Connect the iPod
  2. Startup iTunes
  3. “Eject” iPod

Noise characteristics

After triggering the bug, several background sounds can be heard. Most of them seem to be related to display changes.

When using the wheel, a small click/beep can be heard whenever any piece of the screen changes. For example, when changing the volume slowly, it sounds like a screeching sound.

Also, when the battery icon (in the top right corner or on the whole screen) changes, there is a clicking sound which can be really annoying when listening to music.

Note that the “clicker” is off.

Submitting CAST bugs, a prologue

At work, we’re using CAST 5.0 for Oracle (build 1007). It’s a good product, but as with all software, it has bugs. I wanted to report some of them today, and had a look at the software documentation. There was no “Report bugs” entry under the “How to…” section, but there was plenty of contact information under “Welcome/Contacting CAST – Office Locations”. This linked to a “quick email form” for “Sales, Product Support or General Inquiries”.

Too bad the link was dead. A little unprofessional in 2006, specially since it’s been on Jakob Nielsen’s Top Ten Mistakes of Web Design in 1999.

Well, let’s not have that mess up the road to the grandest goal of all time: Fixing bugs. So we’ll have a go at the referenced “CAST Web Site“… Can anyone say “404”? Dang. Over we go to the base URL. Next stop: The CAST 5 Overview. CTRL-F bug. Nada. Search form “bugs” & click. I got four results, which can be summarized as follows:

A Google “bugs” search delivered essentially no new information. Googling for “contact” on the site finally gave a result. However, the contact form was only linked from relatively obscure pages, required me to submit my full name, function/title, email, and company name, and the selection list for the reason for contacting them had no “Bug reporting” entry. Well, I’ll submit them under “Product support”, and see what happens.

Introduction to PL/SQL posts

At the CERN TS/CSE/QMS and EDS sections we use CAST SQL Builder and Benthic Golden / PLEdit for PL/SQL development on our Oracle 9i database, to provide engineers and managers with the necessary tools for follow-up of the planning, construction, installation, maintenance, and, ultimately, deconstruction of the LHC particle accelerator.

The main tools are called EDMS and MTF. They are both web based, and work as a common layer on top of two separate CMMS / EAM systems, Axalant and Datastream 7i (formerly MP5).

I’ll be posting stuff on this blog which may be of interest to those using the same products/languages, if nothing else because it allows me to go back and look for the old war stories at a time when database development will finally be as easy as it should be.