The road to driving, part 3

I tried calling the number I got from DRIRE ( twice, but I got no answer. So I tried looking for the “Brigade de police de Lyon” in the Pages Jaunes (Yellow Pages). There were no exact matches, but I looked under the heading “Police” and tried the first number, to the commissariat du 1er arrondissement (5 pl Sathonay 69001 LYON) @ 04 78 28 11 87. I could swear the officer answered something like “Good day, Mr. Engmark”… After I had explained quickly what I was calling about, the officer asked me whether I rather wanted to speak English. Now this went above all my expectations, and the officer seemed to have the whole story on his desk(top) already! I heard that I was supposed to have received the “notice descriptive du type” with the “certificate de conformite partielle”. I probably have, and just delivered it to the sub-prefecture. I was also told that the engine of my car had never been registered in France, and that they therefore couldn’t perform the necessary tests to produce a “justificatifs concernant le niveau de sonore” (sic). But I was told that my engine was very close to one identified as B202L, and was adviced to try to explain it to the DRIRE technicians in order to get a “justificatifs concernant le niveau de sonore” for this engine instead. So I called…


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