Thwarted attempt at “unauthorized” CERN access

I tried getting to work by car via the new French “E” / “Charles de Gaulle” entrance this morning. As instructed, I kept my access card and “Attestation de fonctions” ready. Before the gate, a person was walking past the cars to do some kind of check(s) before allowing people access. Approaching my car, I put up the documents and rolled down the window. But he didn’t even look at them. He just explained that since I had a temporary car sticker, I couldn’t pass. So I turned around and used the other entrance, which makes the road to work about thrice as long. On the way, I stopped at building 55 and got the new azur access card, no fuzz included.

At work, I had another long look at the instructions. I found nothing about the car sticker, and decided to call the “Relations with the Host States Service” office at 72848. They were first surprised by my explanation, and then told me that this must have been a misunderstanding. They told me that they would inform the guards that getting access does not have anything to do with the car sticker. So this evening I’ll try again…


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